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Rabbit Wringer Illusion Magic Trick : Magician Shop Adelaide

Rabbit Wringer Illusion

A complete laugh riot magic trick for magic shows. How does the rabbit become flat? Add something different to your magic show that will have your audiences stunned!




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Show a real live rabbit and tell your audience that it is hard to carry for you to carry your bunny to each and every magic show.

Display the magic Rabbit Wringer box that has a crank on the side and rollers on the front. You aren't exactly sure what this crank does? Lift the lid on the top and place your bunny rabbit inside. You turn the crank on the side of the box. A flat rabbit comes out of the rollers on the front!

Your rabbit is not dead but now has become flat as a pancake! Carry him in your pocket to the next magic show! You open the front of the box, it's COMPLETELY EMPTY!

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