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Passe Passe Bottle Trick : MAGIC SHOP AUSTRALIA

Passe Passe Bottle Trick

A really funny trick to perform on stage. Use this trick in so many ways.




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On the stage there are two tables. The table at the magicians right has a half filled glass while the one on the left has a bottle. There is a tube by the side of the glass as well as the bottle.

The bottle and glass are covered by their respective tubes. After some by play the glass and bottle change places. This is repeated twice more (or as long as your audience can stand it).

As the magician boasts about his great abilities, an assistant sneaks behind him and steals the bottle from the tube, carrying it off stage. The performer tries to repeat the miracle. Calamity!!!!

He looks for the bottle everywhere, but all is lost. But the bottle RE-APPEARS!

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